Mary Sawyer, CCIM has served as a Court appointed Receiver in Federal and State Court since 1991 on numerous cases. Ms Sawyer liquidated in Federal court a portfolio of 150 properties. She and her team took on the assignment and completed all sales within six months.

If you are seeking to have a Receiver placed for your client, please know that we are available in all 52 counties in the State of California, or all 50 states in the United States. Through our network of CCIM’s, (Certified Commercial Investment Member), the highest designation in the country for commercial real estate, we will employ the top commercial/investment brokers to work under our supervision and operating procedures to take control of the cash collateral for your client.

Our corporate offices are in Bakersfield, California because it is the center of the State. Our staff can be in San Diego or San Francisco within 4 hours.

We have been through FBI clearance. We hold a Federal HUD license. We have been through FDIC contractor process, we are a Minority Woman Owned Business, and more importantly we are very good at building teams and property management, tenant retention, accounting, appearing in court, real estate sales, cash flow analysis, asset management, and communication.

Our bonding capacity is in place for up to a $1 Million Fiduciary bond. We can have a CCP Sec 567 bond in place in less than 24 hours. Many attorneys we have worked frequently with have us appointed without our knowledge until the Court Order is faxed to us. We would appreciate however, the opportunity to be told about the property in order that we may say no or quote our fee.

We utilize state of the art, Yardi Property Management Software. Our accounting Department and Property Management Staff are familiar with our Receivership duties and understand the process. With our Maintenance Division ACME Maintenance, we hit the ground running and take control of the property immediately.

It is our goal to preserve the tenancy and the cash flow of the cash collateral. We bring 23 years of experience to the property and 33 years experience to the court room. Whether it is a real estate loan in default or a dissolution of partnership, marriage or business assets, or probate, we will be there to Receive the Court Order and operate the property fairly.

Our motto is:
“What Can We Do, So You Don’t Have to?”