Dear Applicant:
We are pleased you are considering Portfolio Property Management in your quest for a rental home. We make every effort to provide our residents with the most pleasant living environment possible.

Our goal is to contribute to maintaining quality neighborhood. To that end, we have a thorough screening process. If you meet the application criteria and your application is approved, you will have the assurance of knowing that other residents are screened with equal care.

Please review our criteria; if you feel you meet these requirements please apply.

    Each adult 18 years of age or older must submit a complete application.
    $25.00 processing fee per applicant.
    This fee includes the preparation of the lease agreement, addendums, and to perform the move in & move out inspection.
    Two pieces of I.D. must be shown. We require photo I.D. (a driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card) and a second piece of government issued I.D. as well. This could be a social security card, passport, or other government issued I.D. Present this with the completed application.
    You must have three years verifiable rental history from unbiased source. If you are related by blood or marriage to one of the landlords listed, or your rental history does not include 2 previous landlords, we may require a qualified co-signer and/or a security deposit of up to 2 months rent. Qualified co-signers must exceed the applicant screening criteria. They must have established, unblemished credit, and have income of at least 3 times the amount of rent. Co-signers must also be residents of California.
    Must be with current employer at least six months. Your income must be verifiable and exceed 2.5 times the amount of the rent. Please submit your two most recent pay stubs along with your application. We could require a qualified co-signer and/or security deposit of up to 2 months rent if you would otherwise qualify.
    False information is grounds for denial. Your application will be declined if you misrepresent any information on your application.
    Criminal convictions for certain types of crimes will result in denial of your application. You will be denied rental if in the last 10 years you have had a conviction for any type of crime that is considered a serious threat to real property or to other resident’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises. This includes but is not limited to the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, domestic violence or robbery.
    Must have a positive credit history. If you currently owe any utility companies, you must provide proof of payment. If you owe any management company or property owner, you must show proof of payment. If in the past 10 years you have been through a court ordered eviction, or had any judgments against you for financial delinquency, your application may be denied. This restriction may be waived with supervisor’s approval if the circumstances can be justified, the incident has been resolved to the plaintiff’s satisfaction, and you provide a qualified co-signer on your rental agreement. An additional security deposit may apply.

We will accept the first qualified applicant who submits a completed application and the required security deposit

If you are accepted, you will be required to sign a rental agreement in which you will agree to abide by specific terms and conditions. A complete copy of our rental agreement is available for your review.

Please read the rental agreement carefully, as we take each part of the rental agreement seriously. The agreement has been written to help us prevent illegal activity from disturbing the peace or our community and make sure that our residents are given the best housing we can provide.

Portfolio Property Management
4420 Easton Dr. Ste 101
Bakersfield, CA 93309
(661) 431-1410